Berkshire Pork

What is Berkshire Pork?

Berkshire Pork is a highly prized Heritage meat. Its outstanding, juicy flavor and tenderness make you forget “store-bought” chops and roasts. The cuts are darker and well-marbled, and they can be cooked to perfection. Molitor Farms raises only sustainably-grown, pastured Berkshire pork – just the way nature intended.

Molitor Farms’ Berkshire Pork, taste the difference!

Our Heritage Berkshires are raised from the ground up. At Molitor Farms, we like to say, “The secret’s in the soil.” It begins with nutrient-rich soil growing a healthy diet of non-GMO grasses, supplemented with a variety of vegetables and fruit, especially those with seeds such as apples, melon, beans, peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Molitor Farm’s piglets grow up in a stress-free environment of green pastures with fresh air, fresh water, and shade to keep them cool. Growth hormones, antibiotics, or other growth-altering drugs are never used in raising our pastured Berkshires.

“Demand continues to grow for Berkshire pork because of its delicious flavor, appearance, and cooking qualities,” Janet Molitor explains, “The marbled meat has a distinctive tender and juicy texture with a buttery flavor that is unmatched by any pork chops or roasts bought from the average supermarket.”


Berkshire Heritage tradition

When you hear “Berkshire” most people would think of England, and they’re right. For over 300 years, England’s royal family has been dedicated to maintaining the purity and breeding of black Berkshire hogs. Even today, herds of the original Berkshire breed are raised on the estate of Windsor Castle.

According to the Livestock Conservancy, purebred Heritage pork must follow specific guidelines such as registered breeding, permanent access to open pasture or range, free from antibiotics and growth hormones and breed name on label. It’s all about maintaining a consistency that you can count on when buying our Heritage pork.
The National Pork Board has conducted side-by-side taste tests comparing nine sire lines for taste and quality, with black Berkshires placing first in loin color, loin tenderness, loin marbling, best tasting in all test categories, and superior cooked moisture content.


You are what you eat.

97% of all pigs raised in the U.S. come from “factory farms.” They never see the light of day and are kept on bare, concrete flooring in cages. What does this do to meat quality? How pigs are raised and what they eat can greatly affect how the meat tastes.

Remember the phrase “you are what you eat?” Would you prefer a tough, dry pork chop that tastes like dried corn, soybeans, and soil from a factory floor? Some farms feed their pigs garbage scraps or other left-over foods, resulting in greasy, bland pork. Gross.

Berkshire pork from Molitor Farms means you can serve superb pink, tender, marbled, and juicy chops or roasts with a nuance of fresh grains, vegetables, and fruits cooked to perfection time after time! Let’s get cookin’!

Price List

Ground Pork $5.00/ lb
Side Pork $5.00 / lb
Pork Roast $7.00 / lb
Pork Chop $7.00 / lb
Pork Steak $7.00 / lb
Spare Ribs $7.00 / lb
Pork Hocks $6.00/ lb
Brats/ Cheedar Brats $6.00/ lb
Breakfast Links $6.00/ lb

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